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If you have a pinball machine that doesn't work and you want to get it up and running, give us a call.

I no longer do in home repairs but we can help you get your game back into working condition.

If you decide you want to sell your game, give us a call. We will let you know what your game is worth in very good working condition and what we would pay for it "as is". I pay cash and will come to your home and pick it up.

Call Dale (509) 994-0328

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Game For Sale:
1984 GamePlan Attila the Hun

Price: $875

Note: To get a better look at the game condition, click on the pictures below 

Overall Condition
This game is in overall excellent condition. The playfield has no noticeable wear. New rubber rings installed. 
The game includes all the original manuals, schematics and game cards.  

Top Playfield
The top of the playfield is in very good condition. The playfield plastics and bumper caps are in very good shape. The drop targets work great.

Bottom Playfield
The bottom of the playfield is in excellent condition. The flippers are very strong. The playfield plastics are in excellent condition.   

The backglass is in very good condition. One small paint scrape located on top middle of the glass. The score displays all work (picture does not accurately reflect the displays!)   

The cabinet is in very good to excellent condition. Very minor paint loss on the corners. The legs are in excellent shape.  

Coin Door
The coin mechs are installed and work properly. New locks installed.   

Under Playfield
All relays and switches were checked and adjusted as necessary. Flippers were rebuilt and are very strong. All of the components are in excellent condition. 

Lower Cabinet 
Everything is clean. All connections checked and are in good shape. This game has very few plays. 

The MPU was replaced with  Robotworkshop's GamePlan MPU. All the boards and connectors were checked and adjusted as necessary. 

Current Projects 
- 1991 Data East Star Trek
- 1980 Williams Black Knight
- 1972 Gottlieb Wild Life
- 1953 Williams Baseball Deluxe
- 1952 Chicago Coin Big Hit
- 1950 Exhibit Be Bop
- 1941 Gottlieb The New Champ

Call if you have any questions! (509) 994-0328