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If you have a pinball machine that doesn't work and you want to get it up and running, give us a call.

I no longer do in home repairs but we can help you get your game back into working condition.

If you decide you want to sell your game, give us a call. We will let you know what your game is worth in very good working condition and what we would pay for it "as is". I pay cash and will come to your home and pick it up.

Call Dale (509) 994-0328

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Game For Sale:
1980 Bally Nitro Ground Shaker

The game has a new ALLTEK MPU board and a new ALLTEK Solenoid Driver Board.  

Price: SOLD

Overall the playfield is in very good condition. The playfield was cleaned and waxed. All the rubber rings have been replaced. New pop bumper caps installed. All the playfield plastics are in good shape. There is a small amount of wear around kickers.

The backglass is in very good condition overall but someone decided to place electrical tape across the bottom of the backside  to stop paint flaking. It's not real noticeable from the front. The score display are bright.

Top Playfield
All the lamps in the game have been replaced with the cooler burning #47 model. The lamp driver board works 100%

Bottom Playfield
The flippers were rebuilt and are strong and responsive. The game has all the original instruction cards.

Left Cabinet
There is wear and some paint loss on the sides but good to very good overall. The legs are new.

Right Cabinet
Again, there is paint loss and wear on the sides but good to very good overall. Top glass is in good shape but does have some scratches.

Coin Door
Game comes with the original owner's manual. Coin mechs do not work but game is set for free play.

Upcoming Game For Sale

1952 Chicago Coin Big Hit
Price: TBD

This is the next game we have coming up for sale. It is from the really early days of flipper pinball and has a great baseball theme. 
If you see a game you like, give us a call to come by and check it out
 (509) 994-0328.
As an added bonus, you'll get to meet our big, friendly, Newfoundland, Bernie!

Overall Playfield

The playfield was cleaned and waxed. It is in very good condition with some wear around the pop bumpers and by the left kicker. The game has all new rubber rings and all new #47 bulbs. 


The backglass is in very good to excellent condition. All the backglass bulbs were replaced with the cooler burning #47 bulbs. 

Upper Playfield

The pop bumpers and Home Run features are all working great.  The playfield plastics are in good to very good condition.

Lower Playfield

The flippers are unique single activated mechanisms. The game has all original score cards.


The cabinet is in very good physical condition but the there are a lot of scratches and scrapes. 


The legs are all original wooden legs in very good to excellent condition.  

No kids allowed!

Back in 1952 it was illegal for minors to play pinball! Check out the warning on the game card. 

No betting!

Back in 1952 they also warned against betting on pinball!